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We are officially accepting New Clients and booking for Summer 2024! Please contact us for scheduling, we are so excited to welcome you!

For all new clients, contact the salon for our New Client Form to gather some information about you, your dog, and grooming history so we can make sure your visit achieves and exceeds your expectations!

When an opening in the schedule on the desired timeline (grooming every 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 8 weeks, etc) comes up, we typically schedule a brief meet and greet in the salon prior to booking. This gives each client the dedicated time to personally meet your stylist, ask any questions needed, and help your dog to become acquainted and comfortable in a new environment!

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All services start with a full luxury bath with Shampoo and Conditioner catered to your dog's skin and coat type with our exclusive Melanie Newman Salon Essentials line, a color enhancing restorative rinse, full hand-dried blowout, South  Bark Blueberry Facial,  and brush out with breed specific methods and tools to make them look their best! We offer the most cutting edge tools and techniques which is reflected in our pricing structure.

1-10 lbs: $70-85

11-25 lbs: $80-125

26-45 lbs: $90-145

46-60 lbs: $100-155

61-80 lbs: $110-165

81-100 lbs: $150-195

100+ lbs: $165+

Final pricing is determined by hair length, coat condition, coat type and an estimate will be given upon consultation/first visit. Doodles, poodles, other curly coats will be more expensive then straight coats like Maltese, Shih Tzus, etc and those in-between can range! We give you the most accurate quotes we can to make sure the whole process is as upfront and easy as possible.

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Our maintenance grooming appointments are highly recommended for doodle clients (especially ones going for the "shaggy" style) extending haircut appointments past 12 weeks,  or anyone looking to keep their style fresh between haircut appointments. This includes a full bathing service, nail file, and trimming around the face, feet, and sanitary areas (no length taken off of the body). Everyone can use an extra spa day now and then!


$10-15 less than regular groom price


$20-30 less than regular groom price


$30-40 less than regular groom price 


$40-50 less than regular groom price

Christina Green

Stevie the King Charles Cavalier and Oslo the Cavalier Mix

I couldn’t be more satisfied with our first visit to the Standard Dog Salon. The staff were extremely welcoming and instantly made us and our pup, Stevie, feel like family. Laura was very attentive to our needs and even followed up during grooming to clarify our preferences. Stevie looked beautiful and happy when we picked her up, and you could tell that she had been well cared for during the entire process. We have been taking her to a groomer for years and the color, shine, and texture of her coat has never looked this good! We’re so grateful to have found the Standard Dog Salon and we’re looking forward to bringing Stevie and her brother Oslo back in the future!


Hair tumble weeds invading your home? Proud owner of a lint roller graveyard? 


Double coated breeds are one of our main specialties and we pride ourselves on staying on the cutting edge of de-shedding techniques and products in order to provide the best services possible for our clients. 


Our bathing team begins this process with a coat restoring shampoo and conditioning service finished by an expert hand-dried blowout to maximize shedding coat loss. Our groomers finish the service to provide a top-notch brush out, nail filing, and coat conditioning shine sealant to make your pup look and feel their best! 

1-10 lbs: 35-45
11-25 lbs: 45-65 
26-45lbs: 55-85
46-60lbs: 65-95
61-80: 75-115
81-100: 85-135
100+: 105-205

The pricing structure is shown from the lower end meaning short, smooth coated breeds such as German Shorthaired Pointers, Pit Bull Terriers and Bulldogs or dogs that are on under 4 week maintenance schedules to the high end meaning impacted/matted coat, extensive undercoat removal and Spay coat* care and removal, thick double coats such as Great Pyrenees, Alaskan Malamutes, and more. Breeds with dense coats or a mix would fall in the middle range of pricing solely depending on the time taken for the service.

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Our award-winning grooming salon team provides a thrilling variety of experience and prioritizes styling and prepping dogs with the best techniques for their specific breed and coat with show-ready products. From competing in GroomTeam USA sanctioned pet grooming competitions across the country to AKC Conformation show training, we have a wealth of knowledge for each breed specific trim and thoroughly enjoy bringing that expertise to Greenville.

To enquire about show maintenance grooming while showing a dog in AKC, UKC, etc please contact us to schedule a consultation! We also love to create a custom style for pet dogs who aim to be kept in a breed standard style trim, but in a shorter maintenance style which can also be modified at a pre-booking consultation.

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For harsh coated breeds with wire coats or double coats in need of some thinning and extra coat help.

Handstripping is the process of removing dead coat delicately by hand to keep harsh textures and vibrant colors on breeds such as Schnauzers, Airedale terriers, Jack Russel terriers, Wire-coated Vizlas, and many mixes or doodles! The proper removal of this dead coat allows healthy, nice coat to grow as opposed to getting trapped and causing skin concerns or dull, soft coats. We have stripped down many hunting spaniels, terriers and some AKC Champions for show. 

Not all dogs are good candidates for handstripping as it is a much longer process so their comfort is our priority. If you want more information, please contact us.     

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