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Just add water, mix and then freeze. Serve in a cup or by the scoop. Mixing directions included on bag. 1 lb makes 33 fluid ounces of ice cream.

Decadent and nutrient packed goat's milk ice cream mix for dogs. 

From the makers of Puppy Scoops Ice Cream mix for dogs, Smart Scoops freezerless ice cream mix is made with goat's milk and no sugar added. Simply add water, mix and freeze for a naturally enzyme rich and completely healthy dessert with none of the bad and all of the good! All natural, grain-free and made in the USA. Flavors: pumpkin and blueberry.

Grain Free
Real Whole Goat's Milk
Available in 2 Flavors
Shelf Stable for 12 Months
All Natural
Made and Sourced in the USA
It’s so easy and convenient. Make it when you need, freeze it for months. Just add hot water and stir. Pull it out for a party or for a quick treat. Your pups come running when you open the freezer.
Puppy Scoops Ingredients: whole goat's milk, blueberry, beet, gelatin and salt.

Smart Scoops Goat's Milk Ice Cream Mix - Blueberry

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