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*Ready Rak Kit includes BEST SELLING Ready Rak, Spatula and Prep Mat*

The No Fuss Fill Ready Rak®  fits neatly in the fridge or freezer.  
Hygienically and conveniently storing up to 4 Lick mats.

The Ready Rak® stores your dog's lick mats away from human food

Two slide-out shelves for easy access.

Removable shelves for unusual shaped and filled toys.  

 Clear acrylic design works with any kitchen decor style .

The Ready Rak comes with four non-slip feet on the base so that it is secure in your fridge, freezer or on your countertop

Happy People Say ...
"This Rak is amazing for storing our lickimats when freezing them. . In a multi-dog household that loves enrichment this is a must"

"I absolutely love the  Ready Rak! It is a game-changer for prepping and storing lickimats. Saves so much space in your fridge or freezer"

Ready Rak Kit inc Spatula & Mat

SKU: 565931Y
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