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COAT MAINTENANCE: Our premium Hydra Luxury Care formulas are designed to maintain your pet’s coat in between regular grooming. It will keep their coat healthy, shiny, and smelling fresh! Our spray is great to use after playtime or dog parks visits!
DOG SPRAY: Our salon-grade pet spray is designed for use in between grooming visits. The anti-static, non-cumulative formula promotes tangle-free hair and easy brushing. This deodorizing spray does not leave any residue and can be used regularly.
STRESS-FREE: Having a positive bathing routine in between visits to the groomer can help promote healthy skin, a tangle-free coat, and reduced stress for your pet when visiting the groomer. The pleasant experience will encourage your pet to enjoy grooming.
PET BONDING: Grooming your pet at home is a way to form a deeper emotional bond with them. Using Hydra Luxury Care during bath time can strengthen the relationship you have with your pet. Enjoy playing with your sweet pet while they get fresh.

Hydra Luxury Care Fast Shower

SKU: 7898574025214
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