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Our Loyalty Pet Products 7.5″ (7 1/2 inches)  Gold Standard Grooming comb is perfect for dogs and cats of all sizes.  

With an ergonomically lightweight handle with a beautiful custom gold shine, it helps reduce excess wear and tear on your wrists while removing tangles, loose hair, dirt, and mats. Our Gold Standard comb is handy for fluffing and finishing to stimulate the hair to its fullest potential.

The Gold Standard Comb includes 26 wide teeth for coarse hair and 37 fine teeth, perfect for the finishing facial touches.

7.5″ in length
Ergonomic Lightweight Aluminum Handle
Stainless Steel Comb Teeth
26 Wide Teeth for coarse hair
37 Fine Teeth for facial finishing
Beautiful Custom Gold Sparkle finish
Excellent for loosening tangles, mats, loose hair, and sifting dirt.

Dimensions:10 × 6 × 1 in

Gold Standard Comb 7.5"

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