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Our raw beef marrow bones and buffalo rib bones offer a guilt-free treat for your pet. As Mother Nature's toothbrush, they are fantastic for your pup's teeth and gums and have the added benefit of tasting great too!

Keep raw bones frozen until ready to use. Keep raw bones separate from other foods. Wash all work surfaces after handling raw bones. Keep raw meats away from children. These products are intended for supplemental feeding only. This is not for a complete diet. 

Always monitor your dog when feeding raw bones. Feed as a recreational treat 1 to 2 bones per week. For raw bones, we recommend letting your dog chew once thawed for up to 1 hour. Discard bones within 1 day after feeding. Please be advised that recreational raw bones are not to be fully consumed. Prolonged chewing may cause unwanted wear to your pet's teeth.

Bones & Co Frozen Buffalo Rib Bones-5inch, 4pack

SKU: T307708
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