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Bocce's Bakery Dailies Brushy Sticks are a delicious and healthy way to support your dog's oral health and fresh breath. Made with real coconut and mint, these wheat-free dental bars are baked in the USA with limited and simple ingredients, and contain no artificial flavorings or fillers. The bristle-shaped design of the Brushy Sticks provides extra cleaning for your dog's teeth and gums. Available in three sizes, it's important to choose the appropriate size for your dog based on their weight to ensure safe treat time. Feed one Brushy Stick per day and make sure fresh drinking water is available. Monitor your dog to ensure that they chew the treat, as gulping or failing to chew can be harmful or even deadly. Give your furry friend the gift of fresh breath and healthy teeth with Bocce's Bakery Dailies Brushy Sticks.

Bocce’s Bakery Dailies Brushy Sticks

SKU: 920856X
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